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Windows 8,10 not supported for L501X Laptop

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Does anyone have a solution to this?:

- Win 10 update

- Realtek NIC disappeared on L501x

- Realtek drivers (Realtek 8111) don't work

- just device manager code 10 error about device being asleep (it is not visible in mgr or network connections, only Centrino WiFi can be seen)

Any assist much appreciated. Cannot figure out if there is a fix for this (or old hardware just abandoned by Dell) and need use of NIC.


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Re: Windows 8,10 not supported for L501X Laptop

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That is a 9 year old system and there are no drivers available past Windows 7. That would certainly explain the lack of proper drivers. Possibly you could get the devices working by manually searching out the drivers. Below is a link to Microsoft Update Catalogue. If you need a driver and it exists, it is there. As for the Code 10 error, there is a second link below for that.


Microsoft Update Catalogue..just type in the device you need a driver for in search.


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