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Wireless bug Dell 1820A, XPS 13 9350


After rigourus testing I have concluded that there must be a bug relating the wireless card 1820A in the DELL XPS 13 9350.

Steps to repoduce, install VirtualBox, spin up VM, close lid, 1/3 times the network card does not recover from power save mode and cause Windows to bluescreen. If the computer has entered hibernation, the current session crashes silently and you will be greeted with the DELL logo and a new Windows session where your previous work is gone.

Would appriciate if DELL official devs could look into this.


All I want is a functioning laptop, if Dell is interested in fixing it. Please contact me.
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Re: Wireless bug Dell 1820A, XPS 13 9350


Thanks for posting.  Apologies that your system is not responding as expected.

Here is a short video you may find helpful:

WiFi Issue in Windows 10

And information from Virtualbox:

Virtualbox causes blue screen of death on Windows 10

Ticket #16013

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