Re: Won't Connect With Bose Headphones via Bluetooth

@hossy13 wrote:

I am experiencing the exact same issue Stuart is seeing with a Dell XPS 9350, while the same set of QC35's connect just fine to my desktop and iPhone.  So it clearly seems like an issue with the Dell hardware/driver.\

It "pairs" fine in Windows but never connects.

Hi @hossy13 , 

You are not alone with this problem, as quick google search will return. The issue is to do with Windows and how it pairs with the headphones through Bluetooth. This is not limited to Dell laptops only or the wireless/bluetooth card as the issue is seen across different models from multiple manufacturers.

My recommendation is to try a combination of the following two links and the steps I have outlined above.

Try this first -

Then try this if that fails -

Ultimately, this issue lies with Windows and Bose.


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Re: Won't Connect With Bose Headphones via Bluetooth

I have the same problem with my Bose Quiet Comfort 35, that was why I was in this forum. After reading all the suggestions, I tried doing the one suggested to Saltgrass and it worked! My last resort was to return the cancelling noise headphone to Bose in spite of wanting it for a very long time. I held the power all the way to the right enough to get it to reset. Voila! It finally saw my desktop and connected to it via Bluetooth. Thank you so much! It was really a big help for a student like me.