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Wrong Fed Ex Tracking Number For Order Being Sent To Rental House - And No Way To Get Right Info

This is my first time ordering from Dell, and it is turning into a nightmare.  I ordered an XPS laptop to be sent to a house I'm going to be renting next month.  Dell told me the laptop would be delivered well after I arrived, but then informed me this week that the delivery date was going to be earlier - before I am scheduled to arrive at the rental house.  Not a big deal, except I need to to know when the package will arrive so I can tell the owner of the house.  Otherwise order likely will be lost or stolen, and DELL GAVE ME A WRONG FED EX TRACKING NUMBER.  The number Dell gave me is for a package Fed Ex delivered to someone else over a year ago (!?).  Worse, Dell has linked all of my order information to this wrong Fed Ex tracking number, and I have no way to get the correct information.  Despite my pleas to Dell via email to find the correct information, I still do not have it.  This is very frustrating - and really how could Dell not have the right Fed Ex tracking number?  

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