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XPS 13 2020: Is sound of new bottom-facing speakers more dull than before?

Hi, I was wondering if by now somebody owns or had the change to listen to the speakers on the new XPS 13 2020. I know its speakers are a bit more powerful (2W) than previous models, however they are now bottom facing while on previous XPS13 models they were on both sides.

My question.. does that mean the sound on the new 2020 model is more dull, more muffled, has less clarity, less high frequencies than the Late 2019 XPS 13 or previous models, which had the speakers on both sides? It would make sense if speakers are now indirect, bottom facing.

I own the XPS 13 9343 and 9350 and those had speakers on both sides which sounded really good with lots of high end clarity. How does that compare with the 2020 model and which previous models have you heard for comparison? Hope somebody can help with this. Thanks alot.

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