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XPS 13 7390 EGPU


So I am planning on creating an EGPU around July/August (1660 TI), but I am very concerned about the coming results, as I have seen others with boot issues, crashes, and just straight up not working. can anyone help?

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Re: XPS 13 7390 EGPU

Since what you're going to do is outside of anything Dell will support, search for verifiable reports of eGPU devics and GPUs that have worked (and note that this year is a particularly bad one to look for a GPU card if you don't already have one -- those cards you can get are astronomically priced and many vendors are selling purchase slots only through a lottery due to worldwide shortages). 1660Ti cards start around $800 and easily run twice that depending on configuration at the moment.

You likely will want to find a source of your hardware with a liberal return policy, as it is very possible to fail on the first try with one of these.  They're not standardized (or supported) devices.