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XPS 13 7390, coil whine?

Before buying one, I was wondering if XPS 13 7390 still suffer from coil whine and what can be done about that? Do 10th gen Intel CPUs change anything?

If you leave your XPS plugged in all the time so the battery doesn't need to charge, is that better or worse concerning coil whine?

The model i consider buying has now a 10th gen i7-10510U processor (8 MB cache, tot 4,9 GHz, 4 cores) with 4K touchscreen in case that makes any difference regarding coil whine.

What factors in general seem to make coil whine worse and what things can you do to fix it if it's there?

Thanks for all useful feedback on this.

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@peter001  I can't answer the coil whine question, but just for clarity, the 2019 model of the XPS 13 is the 7390, not the 9380.  The 9380 is the previous generation.  The numbering changed because in the past, the XPS models were always in the 9000 Series to place them above all Inspiron models, but Dell has been transitioning its consumer PCs to 3000/5000/7000 model numbering, and right now all XPS models are 7000 Series.  But the generation indicator is the third digit in the model number.

Dell xps 9380 is a 2019 model also so is dell xps 7390.

The 7390 is a 2 in 1 model while 9380 is a touchscreen laptop.

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Yes, it does still have this problem.

My XPS 13 7930 2-in-1 came in yesterday and has some major issues including, but not limited to, coil whining. The coil whining is very loud.

It also has major issues with the graphic card.

I'll give support a call today.

This is my 4th Notebook in a row from Dell and up till now I was very pleased. Switched from Toshiba because they where getting QA problems (and we all know what happened to Toshiba notebooks).

I am willing to pay a premium price ($2500 +) but I do expect a premium notebook. The notebook I got yesterday look slick but it is not premium.

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