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The realtek audio driver seems to have an issue. Whenever I plug in a headset, this app called 'Max Audio Pro' pops up asking me what kind of headset I am plugging in. The audio works, however if I unplug the headset, there is no audio from the internal speakers. It should automatically change audio to internal speakers but it doesn't do that. I have to restart in order to get the sound back from internal speakers. The 'Max Audio Pro' app also has option to change audio to internal speakers but it doesn't work. I read somewhere online that says this app is like the bridge that connects your headset to the audio. Why do we have to go through an app to use our headset...? I've tried everything from uninstalling / reinstalling drivers and updating drivers. Anyone have any idea at all I would greatly appreciate it. I also got BSOD at one point when trying to switch to internal speakers in the 'Max Audio Pro' app. Obviously this is software issue, hope Dell fixes. 

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Similar problem here, not neccesary when unplug any headset, just randomly

A restart solves the issue, but this issue must be solved by dell. Thanks

When I wake from sleep the audio driver gets knocked out (Device Manager).  A restart is needed to restore sound.


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I have the exact same issue. Any fix yet? Have you tried uninstalling MaxxAudio?

I also have x2 other audio related issues - 1) there is a vibrating noise when the speaker volume is above 60%. 2) when listening to audio on Bluetooth headphones the sound stutters/ is jittery. 


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I have the same problem. Sounds just stops working, after a reboot it works again. Uninstalled the drivers, reinstalled the drivers. Makes no difference

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I am having this issue too. Audio just randomly stops working. Restart always fix the problem. I tried reinstall drivers and even reinstalled OS once. It still happens everyday.

I read on another forum that new audio drivers are expected soon to fix this problem. Let me know if you need more info.

I also have a question I hope you guys can help me with concerning the new speakers since I don't own yet the XPS 13 2020 model, please check out the forum link below and post a reply to help me out. Thanks.

Go here: https://www.dell.com/community/XPS/XPS-13-2020-Is-audio-of-new-bottom-firing-speakers-more-dull/m-p/...

Same here. I find that it happens more often when i'm switching between applications. E.g. watching online lectures, alt tab switch to chrome for research, goes back to online lecture -> audio stops working. Mind I ask if you're still facing this issue on a daily basis?

@Im Redz 

Had the same issue as you, not sure if you resolved it, posting for future users. 

My sound cut out when using more than one app and would not turn back on until restart. I found that disabling "Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device" in Control Panel -> Sound -> Playback fixed this issue for me. Best of luck

Thanks a lot @Vorlindeion, your workaround does solve the problem.

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