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XPS 13 (9300) - Speaker Vibration

I have noticed that on my brand new XPS 13 (9300) (FHD, 16GB RAM, 512SSD) there is a slight but noticeable vibration noise when the volume is above roughly 60%.

Having conducted an Audio frequency test it appears to be most prevalent at frequencies 450Hz+. It almost sounds like the keyboard keys are vibrating when the volume is loud or, just for descriptive purposes, a layer of very thin tin foil is vibrating just below the keyboard. The sound quality is excellent aside from this issue which is very annoying as you can always hear it.

I have all of the latest audio drivers installed and updated windows 10. I have tried re-installing Realtek Audio but this had no affect. If I hold press my hands lightly over the keyboard when audio is playing it seems to lessen the vibration sound, however it is still prevalent.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue on their XPS 13? If not, does anyone have any ideas of potential fixes?

Having spent over AUD$3000 on a laptop, I am very disappointed and will be looking to return it if no solution/fix is found.

Thanks in advance!!

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I have a same problem with 3300$ Dell Precision 5550....

If I turn up side down the computer, the noise is less noticeable.

I think Dell is far away to create quality laptops. My last laptop was a HP Envy with Bang and Olufsen sound system, and I bought it only for 1200$... but the sound was much better than this...

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I am having the same problem with Dell Inspiron 5577 i7 laptop. Don't know what to do.

I am having the same problem with my XPS 15 9500... Really annoying. A technician already changed the speakers but the problem still lasts.

Realmente é decepcionante este problema de áudio. Este problema piora  com caixas acústicas externas.
Para evitar no notebook, é necessário manter o volume abaixo de 50%

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I am having this problem on the new Dell XPS 15 9510.  When playing sounds around 400 - 450 Hz, there is some resonance within the laptop which creates a loud buzzing sound. This seems to be coming from the keyboard, as if I place my fingers on some of the keyboard keys, the buzzing is greatly reduced. 

I had a dell engineer come round to replace the keyboard, but this didn't help. 

This is very frustrating as it seems like replacing individual parts such as speakers or keyboards don't help - the issue is resonance. What would be required to fix this is some kind of dampening material being placed inside the laptop.

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I have the same problem.
in my Dell Precision 7520 Speaker

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