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XPS 13 9300 Thunderbolt 3 issue and return request?

So basically I'm having the same issue as these posts:




My Caldigit TS3 Plus will have disconnection issue when connecting to the laptop and one cable for everything is impossible, which means I cannot use my eGPU at the same time. It makes the laptop unusable and very disappointing.

The worse thing is that I'm in HK and I bought it in HK. I guess the Dell here is not as good as the one in the US. They refused to admit the issue (imaging their customer service girl is repeating it is technically good again and again) and refused my return request, which simply countered their return policy and made totally no sense. They said they would like to send me a "DA360" dock and kept saying that their managers told them this is the only solution. I asked them to let me talk with their managers and they also refused that. Everything has made me a bit angry and I have reported them to local consumer council. I'm not sure if someone from Dell US can help me out since it is Dell's main branch but I would like to give it a try by posting here. VERY FRUSTRATING.

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