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XPS 13 9300 microSD stuck in slot?

Hi there,

I tried inserting a microSD card into my XPS 13 9300 and... it got stuck. I noticed the slot is really very, very tight. I did not insert the card in wrongly -- the microSD card can still be detected.



I tried scraping the card out using a needle, pliers etc but to no avail. In the end I had to remove the back cover and the microSD card popped out. With the back cover off, I could easily insert and remove the microSD card (press in to eject), so this suggests there is no issue with the card. I tried again with the back cover on, and it is either a very tight fit (I have to pry the card out to remove it) or it gets stuck and I need to remove the back cover again.

Does anyone else experience this with the XPS 13 9300 too? I'm not sure how to get service for this too -- it seems to be an alignment issue and not sure if a replacement back cover could fix this?


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I realised that when the laptop has started for a while, my cards can be inserted and removed rather easily. It's only when the laptop is cool that the card is hard to insert in... I guess the metal chassis expands when hot and contracts when it cools. But still, it's kinda weird isn't it...


Same problem, but mine does it regardless of temperature and it never will pop out. I must remove the bottom cover to get the card out.


Support is telling me I should have bought "accident protection". I guess they're right. I need protection against the accident I made of buying another one of their faulty machines.

The slot doesn't properly align with the reader on the board.


Exactly the same issue today for me.  In case you still need to fix it:

1) Use a T5 Torx bit to remove the screws on the back cover.

2) Use a guitar pick (or credit card) to pry apart the back cover from the carbon-fibery-looking "keyboard part".  This took me a while, and I used multiple picks, prying and then leaving them in to held the pieces apart (if you've ever changed a flat on a bike using two or more tire irons, it's a similar process).  Try to not go too deeply into the laptop's innards.

3) Work your way all the way around until you get a gap near the card reader.  Place a pencil at the front left corner gap to hold the two pieces apart; this make it easier to free up space.

4) Hopefully, you can now see the card (riding above the slot it supposed to go it).  I used a T4 bot to fish it out, but, since the pressure is off of it, I'll bet a pin would work, too.

5) If you're like me, the <Profanity removed> laptop will power on during step 2.  If that's the case, pop the card into its chassis now and try it out.  


Dell peeps: if you're reading this ...BRING BACK SD CARDS.  Micro SD is useless garbage.



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I just used my finger nail to get it out, it was kind of easy... The one I have had a little gap in top that my nail to get very easy... Hope this helps.

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