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XPS 13 9305 AUO5B2D display driver?

Does anyone know where I can find the display driver for a XPS 13 9305 AUO5B2D display?

I upgraded my hard drive and had to reinstall Windows from the restore thing.  The driver for this display is not included in Windows Updates, nor is it available on the Dell support website for my service tag. 

I am getting eye strain from looking at the display now.  I did copy the color profile, which helps a little.  I think the driver should help with the rest of it.

Update=Resolved-I was able to get the system to boot.  I had to go into the UEFI and set the AHCI to RAID mode.  Then it booted with the original system image.  The display looks batter now. 


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Assuming you need the Intel UHD/Iris XE driver have you tried here and here.?

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I did download the Intel XE driver from support.dell.com.  I think the video card driver is different from the display driver (AU Optronics) and the color profile.

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