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XPS 13 9310, audio of bottom facing speakers duller than before?

Hi, I was wondering if by now somebody owns or had the change to listen to the speakers on the new XPS 13 9310? I know its speakers are a bit more powerful (2W) than previous models, however they are now bottom facing while on previous XPS 13 models they were on both sides.

My question.. does that mean the sound on the XPS 13 9310 is more dull, more muffled, has less clarity, less high frequencies than the Late 2019 XPS 13 or previous models, which had the speakers on both sides? It would make sense if speakers are now indirect, bottom facing.

I own the XPS 13 9343 and XPS 13 9350 and those had speakers on both sides which sounded really good with lots of high end clarity. How does that compare with the XPS 13 9310 and which previous models have you heard for comparison? Hope somebody can help with this. Thanks alot.

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Read the reviews like this one. There will not be too many/any users of the new model on the forum.This forum is for technical support which hopefully will not be needed on the new model.



Thanks for the review link.. still hoping to get more replies from people who own the 2020 model or 2-in-1 from last year which had similar speakers I believe and can compare with previous models. See a lot of 2020 model threads so those owners are already here.

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I owned the unit (received it yesterday) and all I can say is I'm not so impressed with the sound. It feels like I'm having a hearing impairment when its on speaker (left side part is louder) plus there is a bug in the audio when using headphone. When you plugged in your headphone, its alright, but when you plugged it out there is no sound firing from the speaker. You need to restart your laptop to fix it. Hopefully, DELL fix it.

@Skhezein Have you tried updating the audio driver and did you check in the windows sound settings (righ click speaker icon in right corner on taskbar) that stereo balance isn't in the middle? In control panel there is also Dell Audio or MaxxAudio or whatever it is called on your model.

Second, did you own a previous XPS model and how did you like the speakers on those? Previous models had the speakers on the sides where the 2020 model has the speakers bottom firing, so doesn't that make the sound more dull when you put the new XPS 13 2020 on a table?


Yes, all the drivers were updated via Dell Support Assist software. There is really something different compared to my old laptops, Alienware and Macbook Air. Even my wife can attest.

What I did yesterday was to restore the laptop back to its factory setting, hoping it would fix as well the headphone/speaker bug (sounds not firing from speaker when headphone is removed). And to my surprise, the sound was fixed! Although the bug I've mentioned was still there.

I'm starting to love the sound from speaker now. Even though its not so loud compared to my old laptops, I can still say the sound is really good and I can really feel/hear its surround (I used some sound test video from YouTube). Please note that I'm stating my experience as a normal user. For me, its Alienware < Dell XPS < Macbook Air (but I don't mind the difference between xps and air, its considered negligible for my standard).

Regarding to your concern that the speaker is firing at the bottom, I don't think its entirely like that. The speaker hole is located in the bottom curve, hence its firing on the side of the laptop. I tried to test the sound while the laptop is lying flat on the table and by lifting it a bit and I didn't noticed any difference in the sound.

Thank you for all the replies. I, too, have been unhappy with the volume of the speakers. They are not distorted or anything, but the volume doesn't get loud enough for me to hear people over Zoom. I am glad someone else figured out the problem. I guess I'll have to get an external speaker.

@OogieMonster You mention the volume not being loud enough on your XPS 13. To be clear, do you have the 2020 model or a model from a previous year?

Second, did you ever own an XPS before the one you have right now and how does the volume compare between those two?

My remarks had more to do with the sound on the 2020 model being "dull" in the sense of lacking high frequencies because of the speakers now being at the bottom, where with previous XPS 13 models the speakers where on the sides so what is your experience with XPS 13 models? What is your experience with XPS models?

XPS 13 9310 speaker placement =


Sorry for the late reply. I just received the XPS about 2 weeks ago. The speakers are on the bottom, in three places. The sides are slightly curved, which theoretically should help (but no, my 2015 XPS 13 was better). I’ve attached a photo. Performance-wise, it’s a beautiful machine. And I can’t say enough about the screen. Compared to my old XPS, I keep being surprised at how much I can see vertically. It’s lightning fast. And I love how I can make it into a tent for presentations. It is slightly heavier, but worth it. But no matter what I do, I can’t hear other people well on Zoom in clamshell mode (lol). And I’ve tried everything reasonable. Attaching speakers would be unreasonable because I paid nearly $2000 to have my stuff in a compact package. 


Very disappointed with the sound on my December 2019 XPS 13 7390. I owned a 2016 model before this one, and the sound on that was SO much better, both in terms of volume and fullness of sound. The worst part, as somebody else mentioned, is that I can't do Skype/ Zoom/ Meet calls without my headphones because I can barely hear the other party, which is very inconvenient in this post-Covid world where one does a few such calls everyday. If anybody figures a solution to this, please do let me know. 


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