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XPS 13 9315 poor battery life

I just received my new XPS 13 9315 with an i7 and am very disapointed by the battery life of the laptop.

Reviews were mentinioning 8h+ of battery life expectancy but with mine, in light web browsing usage, I've hard time hitting more than 4h.

Is is a known issue? Some hidden settings to configure somewhere?

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I'm also experiencing the same battery issues with my XPS13 9315 i7 1250U, FHD+ non touch, 16gb ram, 512GB HD that arrived this week. I've done all the system windows & dell updates and seeing maybe 4-5 hours of usable life when using with primarily web browsing and the screen brightness at the lowest level. Ran a battery life report through command prompt and not even hitting half of what Dell is advertising as a 12hr battery life with this unit running netflix on their website. Anything I'm missing here, because this does not meet my expectations and feels to be well under advertised battery performance of a similar non touch unit. (Fine print of advertisement says i5 1230U non touch, 8GB ram, 256HD)

Battery Life Estimates.png

Dell Advertised Battery Life.png

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