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XPS 13 9350 BSOD on WIFI

Can somebody explain to me why my laptop works perfectly fine (via WIFI) at home and almost every other place, but dies on me (WIFI driver BSOD) at the customer site where I am working. Through troubleshooting ie. moving to another location of the site, the problem goes away, but in other areas of the site my laptop will sometimes work and at other times crash on the wifi driver and after that just spit out system exception errors and attempted automatic repairs which won't solve the problem. I'm beginning to suspect that some routers are configured in a way which is not compatible with the wifi driver on my laptop. Any suggestions?
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Dear MauriceWill, 

I am happy to have found your message as I am experiencing a similar issue. My XPS 13 9350 works smoothly at home, but when I go to my faculty it crashes while trying to connect to the wifi signal. 

I think this is due to the wifi card, given that an external usb wifi card solved the issue. 

Moreover, I noticed that the problem started when the Uni IT system started to update their network - they bought some Aruba routers and I could see that when they were progressively put in place in different areas of the building then my laptop started crashing in those areas. 

Have you found any solution to the issue? The Uni IT office thinks I am nuts. The main option would be to change WiFi card myself as I am out of warranty in any case...





I am having exactly the same issue. My XPS 9350 works fine at home and with my mobile modem. However once I am on university campus connecting to eduroam, the blue screen happens for a few times within an hour.

Bug check code
Bug check parameters





Device name
Dell Wireless 1820A 802.11ac
Driver version
Driver path
How did you manage to resolve the issue?

No and I can't fix it. I've also had to stop automatic windows updates.

I'm not an Apple fan, apart from the iphones, but now I see why Apple has stable working machines, because the OS and Hardware are controlled by the same manufacturer.

I've always been a huge Dell advocate, but I'm seriously thinking of going for a Surface on my next purchase.

I'm not seeing or getting anything back from DELL on this forum, which is a damn shame. 

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