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XPS 13 9360 AC supply not recognised.


my XPS 9360 is not charging at all.

I have tried,

- Resetting the battery bios.

- Charing the laptop with a USBC 85W laptop charger.

- Replacing the AC charger with a brand new one.

- Replacing a battery that’s report said it was “good” with a new battery that’s report says is “excellent”. 

- Replacing the internal charging dock.

- Unplugging the main battery and the cmos battery, then holding the power button to discharge the laptop and then reconnecting batteries. This allowed me to get the laptop to turn on when plugged into the AC supply.

None of these solutions have changed the laptop recognising the charger or being able to charge the battery. 
Does anyone have any solutions?


Thank you in advance. 


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