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XPS 13 9360 Bluetooth Crashing

I have been having issues with the bluetooth interface on my XPS 13 9360 (Core i7, 8GB RAM, 1080p non-touch variant) crashing randomly both in Windows 10 X64 and Ubuntu 17.10. I have the latest driver and software updates (as of Jan 8th), but even OS reboots don't fix the issue.

The only solution I've found is to go into the UEFI and disable bluetooth, wait for the setting to apply and reboot, and then immediately re-enter UEFI and re-enable bluetooth. After doing so it works normally in either OS...until it crashes again.

This obviously is not acceptable given how new this computer is, and the price point. Any advice?

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Re: XPS 13 9360 Bluetooth Crashing

I suppose one thing I would ask is are you dual booting the two OSes?  Have you run it solely with one and the same thing happens?

What Wi-Fi adapter do you have?  When you say crashing, do you mean the system shuts down or Bluetooth stops working?

If you check the Bluetooth properties and look at the Events tab, can you describe what the log is showing for those events?  Is the driver being constantly reloaded?

Something which confuses me is the Bluetooth networking.  Are you having this problem when using something like a Bluetooth headset or trying to connect to another system using Bluetooth?

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