XPS 13 9360 Headphone Mic Not Working Since Dell's Last Automatic Update

Recently, my laptop updated automatically. Since then, when I plug in my earbuds (the same standard Apple earbuds that I have been using with this laptop for over a year) I can hear perfectly but my microphone barely registers my voice. I have tried it on multiple apps like Zoom, Skype, the windows camera app, etc. and even opened up Waves MaxxAudio - all of them can barely pick up my voice. It also seems like my microphone level might be connected to my volume level - a few people have reported being able to hear me better when I turn my volume all the way up. However, then the volume is way too high for me to handle in my ears. 

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Realtek Audio (which strangely shows as "Realtek Audio" and not "Realtek HD Audio" in my device manager) and even tried uninstalling and reinstalling an older version, but no luck.

In the past, I have had some headset issues after updates, but to solve that I just had to reconfigure my headphones to "headset" in Waves so that it used the earbud mic instead of the built-in mic. That is not the case this time either.

 I use Skype and Zoom on a daily basis for work and now can no longer use my laptop for these calls. It's really stressing me out!! I have spent probably 15 hours at this point reading message boards and trying different things. I'm so frustrated and don't know what else I can do. Please help! 

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Re: XPS 13 9360 Headphone Mic Not Working Since Dell's Last Automatic Update


Click my name and private message me the pc service tag number as well as your registered name, email address, and phone number.


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Re: XPS 13 9360 Headphone Mic Not Working Since Dell's Last Automatic Update

After a while I found a solution.

I found a difference when installing the driver. Not sure what was but is one of these things.

  • I manually uninstalled the driver update (in control panel, programs, uninstall, Realtek high definition audio driver). The update does this but until I did it manually it worked.
  • Make sure to restart the PC and notice that the audio will work and you will be able to connect and disconnect your headphone successfully but you will hear a notice interference. The update is supposed to fix this.
  • After the restart, install the update. Again, make sure to restart again your PC.
  • Also, I noticed that in previous intents, I had the headphones connected. The last time for me I did NOT have the headphones connected when installing the update.

I notice as new that when I connect the headphones, I get a notification window that lets you select the audio output which I did not have before even with the same update installed.

I hope it works for anyone else. 

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