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XPS 13 9360 Random Reboot

Hello everyone,

I just purchased a new XPS 13 9360 and I'm experiencing the random reboot issue mentioned multiple times on this forum in [1] and [2], my BIOS version is 2.3.1, the fix to this problem seems to be downgrading to BIOS version 2.1.0, however there's a new version of BIOS 2.8.1 available on the dell drivers page[3], so my question is, should I still downgrade to 2.1.0 or does the 2.8.1 update solve the random reboot issue and can I upgrade my BIOS directly from version 2.3.1 to version 2.8.1 skipping other versions?

Thank you.

[1] https://goo.gl/ygecbe 

[2] https://goo.gl/7X1oKB

[3] https://goo.gl/96chhc

Edit: I downgraded to BIOS version 2.1.0 and the problem is now solved

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