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XPS 13 9360 - Random Screen Freeze

Dear all,

I have a Dell XPS 13 9360, with Fedora 29 (Mate Desktop) installed. In the last months, I have been experiencing random screen freezes. I have searched for other people experiencing this problem, and have found nothing. Really do not know how to proceed.

The interesting thing about the freeze is that the mouse pointer still works. Whenever the screen freezes, I use the pointer to click on the "terminal" button on the panel, and from there reboot the system. Of course, I do all this "in the dark." The terminal never appears, I cannot see what I am typing.

Any ideas of what I could do to get further info / solve the problem?


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Never ran Fedora on a XPS, had one running on a desktop PC with Nvidia and had some graphical issues with cursor movement until I got Nvidia drivers installed. I have run Ubuntu 18.04 and Mint 19.1 on my XPS 13 9360 without issue. I think Dell has a Linux forum where you might get more responses, or possibly the Fedora forums where they may be able to better respond with proper suggestions. Most on here deal with Windows because that's primarily what is used. Best luck

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