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XPS 13 9360 random screen blanking, freezing, screen flashing, battery issues

My XPS 13 9360 started acting erratically a few months after purchase. Sometimes the laptop would have the blinking orange lights even when the battery diagnostic said the battery was in excellent condition. Sometimes laptop screen would go blank and the keyboard stopped working. I would have to do a hard reset to get it running again. Dell Support was unable to reproduce or diagnose. Problems went away and then show up at random times. I recently replaced the battery (replacement battery was a Dell OEM). The issues described above returned. I discovered that the issues are caused by the battery connection to the motherboard. The wiring from battery to the connector is very tight and this causes the connection to be loose on the right side of the connector. I solved the issue by securing the connector to the MB connection with a small piece of electrical tape. Hopefully this helps someone with the same issues I was experiencing.

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