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XPS 13 9360 randomly shuts down

I bought the XPS 9360 in Dec 2018 because it was listed as one of the best laptops to buy. Up until recently, I had a good experience using this machine. However over the last month, my computer started to randomly shut down. At first it would only happen once a week, at random. I contacted Dell tech support twice last week and it started randomly shutting down more frequently after that. Their support remoted into my computer and ran typical updates and tests in support assist and flashed my bios and tested my graphics. Despite this, the problems persist. I contacted support again earlier this week and they said my only option is to send the dell into them to fix. I am a contractor and cannot give them my computer for 2-3 weeks. I would either have to quit my job or buy a new computer at that point. The machine is still under basic warranty for 7 days now. Yesterday, I gave in and agreed to pay $160 to have a tech come to my house through Dell to do the repairs on site. They called me an hour later to say they can do it remotely, and I would still need to pay, but less. I didn't think this made sense as they explicitly told me earlier the only reason I had to pay even though it's under warranty is that I require an onsite visit. They claimed that the reason I was paying for remote support is that my warranty covers harware, but not software and that the support I would get is a higher tier than the free remote support I got earlier in the week. Fortunately, I watched all the remote support sessions, and after getting my $140 remote supoprt session last night demanded a refund because they did the same exact "troubleshooting" steps the other techs did for free. They immediately refunded my money, fortunately. Now, I am trying to troubleshoot this on my own as I feel their support may be incompetent or dishonest. I found there are many discussions here about my model having this issue. I have read all the advice and applied some of it. Not sure if there is anything I can do other than hope it does not get worse. At this point, I doubt I will purchase another Dell product and as I work as a consultant in IT I will be sure to pass this experience on to my clients. 

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