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XPS 13-9365, poor performance, constant throttling

I have been allocated a Dell XPS 13 9365 at work, and upon unboxing the device I saw the i7 sticker and was expecting good performance, however since the first day of ownership the performance has been terrible, on-par with a netbook, since it now comes to light that the CPU (i7-7y75) is a very low power CPU that is constantly throttling.

I have updated the BIOS and all drivers, changed settings for SpeedStep/Turbo Boost etc., changed power profile settings in Windows, however the fact is that this CPU constantly throttles for thermal reasons, or for 'power limit throttling' shown via the Intel XTU.

The laptop also reaches very high temperatures since there is no cooling fan.

In my opinion this is a terrible design and a poor performing laptop which should be avoided at all costs, it doesn't seem to matter whether the device is on charge or not, or connected to dock, there is a significant lag when typing and the laptop cannot keep up with simple tasks such as browsing, writing emails, let alone running Visual Studio.

The device also cannot handle str*aming video from YouTube.

This is not a 'real' i7, and is clearly false marketing.

Request assistance from Dell, and potentially a return, since this device is not fit for purpose.

For anyone out there looking to get a new laptop, do not get the 9365, you will be as frustrated as I am with its sluggish performance (and hefty price tag).

Thanks in advance,


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If you are within 30 days of shipment and purchased from Dell in a location with a buyer guarantee, you can return the system.

Outside of that, you cannot.

This is an ultraportable hybrid system (akin to the Surface Pro).  It is not a high performance notebook.  It's a tablet more than anything else.


Hi, thanks for your feedback - I know that this is not a high performance laptop, however due to the marketing my employer believed that it was an i7 chip and therefore ordered this more than 30 days ago.

This is how Dell market this device in terms of performance:

"Stunning speed.

Amazing performance and responsiveness: 7th Gen Intel® Core™ i5 and i7 processors provide improved performance at lower power for amazing system responsiveness."

The issue is that this is still advertised by Dell as being high performance and ultra portable, however it is no good for a power user.

I am awaiting a response from Dell as to what can be done, interestingly when I spoke with them before and mentioned the output from the Intel XTU clearly showing throttling, they would not take this information since it was a 'third party utility', however the third-party in this case is the manufacturer of the CPU and chipset so the output is clearly trustworthy.

I have pretty much exhausted all options, and now that I can't return it, I need some advice from Dell on how to get at least tolerable performance from this laptop, although the ideal scenario would be that Dell admit that this device has been falsely advertised and is not fit for purpose and offer a refund.

I've been a fan of Dell for several years, however this laptop has caused me so much frustration that I will no longer be purchasing Dell hardware.

It is an i7 CPU -- at least according to its manufacturer (Intel).

It is not a system for power users -- even the full-i7 9360/70 systems aren't.  There's just no way to build a power-user system this slim and this light.

It will not handle video decoding for hours on end, no -- nor will it handle heavy computational loads.  It SHOULD handle browsing, word processing, spreadsheet work, audio, etc. without issue.

Run the Dell diagnostics on the system - if an error shows up, contact Dell for warranty repair.  Dell's warranty does not cover "fitness for purpose" -- it covers hardware defects.


@ejn63 I take your point - the more I read the more it seems that Intel is causing the confusion:


There's no errors, so I guess I'm stuck with this machine, might as well wish away the next 3 years until the warranty expires :BigSmile:

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Exactly the same for me; XPS 13 9365 2-in-1 bought for 1800€, believing in the "high performance" (it is supposed to be used for software development); but CPU is downclocked when I need it..

I completely agree, this laptop is falsely marketed. I would recommend to return it asap, I'm stuck with mine unfortunately and it's awful, can barely handle a few browser tabs before it starts flagging.

I don't seem to be seeing some of the problems you are seeing.  I got mine about 1 1/2 years ago so it is a 7th generation processor where the new ones are 8th generation.

My system does get hot on the bottom left when the processor is being used.  But so far no heat situations have limited the situation.

The system is a Modern Standby and does not behave the same as a normal laptop regarding sleep or low power mode.

I do not seem to have a problem with online media.  It might depend somewhat on what browser you are using and your network setup.  If there is something you would like me to check, let me know.

I have always had a problem with mine where it hesitated about 2 seconds when producing system sounds and when scrolling windows, there would be a delay.  I think I have found a fix for this situation which revolves around the Intel Smart Sound Technology device not being allowed to sleep.

Other differences on my system are I use a Samsung NVMe drive as NVMe and have disabled the SATA controller in the Bios.  The system is sold based on a long battery life, so some of the performance problems you may see are a result of that.

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I get exactly the same thing - again on a gen8 Intel i7


Laggy, unresponsive. Terrible, terrible machine. I used to have a Surface Pro 4 (i5) and it was much quicker, i'm really regretting swapping it out for this at work, and now i'm stuck with it - again, it was a massive cost for this and the docking station etc.

Sorry to hear you're having the same issues @DBADan , I recently reinstalled Windows 10 on mine, along with the 1903 update, and the latest BIOS. It's still rubbish, but not quite as bad. Thankfully after a long battle with work they gave me a Lenovo P1 which is much, much better - the XPS is now an expensive web browser for training, and it struggles even with that.

Are you able to return yours? This seems to me a case of false advertising, this is not a real XPS - it's a modern netbook.

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