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XPS 13 9365 touch screen going crazy + crazy mouse pointer

There is a problem with the touch screen on laptop (Windows 10), the mouse pointer is going crazy.
The video link of this issue
Sometimes it is for few days without any problem. And sometimes this issue come up after few minutes after restart windows.
There is a possibility to stop the issue just with turning off the touch screen of the laptop in Windows 10 - Device manager (or click on Windows + X button and choose Device manager). Go to: 1) Device manager 2) HID devices 3) HID touch screen 4) (right click and choose) Disable device Just, this procedure does not correct this problem with screen display.
Does anyone have an idea how to fix this problem? I hope, not just to replace the touch screen


 Thank you so much
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I'm also having the touchscreen problem where it stops working after waking from sleep.  It doesn't happen every time, but enough times for it to make me not want to use it reliably in a work setting.  Rebooting solves the issue, but that is not acceptable when you're in a meeting room.

Is Dell going to acknowledge this problem?  


yes, definitely, rebooting the system does not solve the issue and it is very uncomfortable to restart the system whenever the issue occurs.

Dell service center just informed about the possibility to send the laptop to service center and pay for this (warranty for this laptop expired).

I only understood from the discussion with dell service, I could try to start the system with Linux Ubuntu (the Dell 9360 is running with Linux), and check if the issue occurs or not.

Besides that, there was an idea, the laptop could have a problem with glued part on the touch screen after the touch screen is warming up (because the failure does not occure just after rebooting the system. It occures mainly after few minutes, sometimes after few hours, or even days).

But there is no final opinion from Dell service. Apparently this is a unique problem. Who knows.

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I'm having the same issue but with mine the mouse goes to the top left and rapidly clicks. Did you resolve this?

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Shut down, unplug the system and remove the base cover.  Check the condition of the battery.

If the battery is showing signs of swelling, one of the first signs is often erratic or unwanted touchpad input. If the battery is swelling, carefully remove it and dispose of it outside your home or office.  The system will run on AC only until you have a chance to order a battery.

Service manual:



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I had the same problem with XPS 17 7900

And because I don't use touch screen, it didn't came up to my mind.

It took me long time to diagnosis it.

It started two or three months ago, but rarely happen, and by restarting it was fixing it.

Then started to happen more (every second or third day), and I thought it is a virus.

I uninstalled the free anti-virus I have and bought Norton full suite.
and I thought the mouse touch pad, and I disabled it, and I changed two mouses, with no hope.
As I said I never used the touch screen since I bought the computer, that is why it didn't came up to my mind.

today the issue went crazy and it was happening just one or two minutes after every restart.

I ended up uninstalling every software from my machine.

THen I remembered the touch screen, and just disabled it, and it stopped happening.

This is stupid.

BTW, I had so many issues with this Dell computer.

I had an old docking station, and it was working without any configuration with my old MSI.

Just plug and play and the docking station was working.

For Dell, I has to install DisplayLink to make it work (maybe MSI had displayLink with windows already installed)

Dell support is not that great.

MSI is way better than Dell, and it is not that more expensive.


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Sometimes, signal overlapping or interference with 2.4Ghz or bluetooth may have caused the mouse to have erratic movement or lost control.  Observe if the mouse is acting up when you or someone are downloading, update games, or streaming within close proximity.

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