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XPS 13 9365, touch screen not working, no HID compliant found


So for over a year now I have been trying to repair my touchscreen on my XPS 13 9365 2-in-1. Here is everything tried and looked at so far:

1) I don't see the HID-compliant drive for the touch screen even after looking in hidden
2) When I try to go "view pen and touch info" it says "No pen or touch input is available for this display."
3)I have tried installing the chipset and that didn't seem to work
4) I have tried BIOS mode and the touchscreen still doesn't work

Please someone help me! The whole reason I purchased this laptop was for the touchscreen and it has been over a year with no solution. My warranty expired because I was caring for my now deceased mother for over a year and did not the resources to repair this. I am currently a mental health worker and really could use the touchscreen right now.

The touchscreen has to appear in the BIOS and be enabled. If not, the operating system will never see it.
* Plug the AC adapter into the Laptop
* Turn the Laptop on and Press F2 to enter the BIOS
* Go to System Configuration
* Do you see Touchscreen? If no, then the LCD cabling to the motherboard is suspect. If yes, click it
* Insert a check to Touchscreen
* Click Apply and Exit the BIOS
* Once into Windows, the operating system should find new hardware and install driver
* Go to Control Panel and select Tablet PC Settings
* Under Display tab, select Calibrate
* Choose Touch input
* Perform the point calibration that appear on the screen



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Sell this Junk, don't go dell anymore. My same xps has had dead touch screen just in 3 months after warranty ended. You wont get any help

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