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XPS 13-9370, Keyboard skips button presses


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Now it's the end of May when we may see a fix? *sigh*

Considering I have until May 21st or so to return the laptop, I'm honestly very close to doing so. I actually went through Dell Financial Services for this machine, but obviously don't feel super confident right now in Dell if this is how they treat a major issue like this (yes, I'm having the same problems). Since we really don't know when this update is coming (or even if the BIOS update will fix these issues), I don't think I can justify waiting unless I was able to guarantee that I could return the machine past the 30-day window.



While I'm very disappointed with the way they're handling this specific issue, I have nothing but good things to say about their return policies and support. I'd be surprised if they didn't let you return it after the 30 days with this issue, but of course I can't promise you that. If you'd like to keep the laptop and wait for a fix, I suggest you contact their support department now and get some kind of confirmation that they'll let you return it after the 30 day window if the issue doesn't get fixed.


@DELL-Justin C Any update on this? It's been a few weeks since you said "XPS 13 9370 BIOS version 1.3.1 has been packaged and is now waiting in line to be web posted". I've been checking the Dell website every day for the last two weeks for this. Is Dell not aware of how desperate we are to get this fix? Do you realise how many times I've had to retype words just to type this one message due to this issue?



There was a change of plans for the new BIOS. Dell decided to wait and add in a couple other changes to the BIOS before they release it.

I'm waiting for engineering to give me a new ETA. 

Justin C Dell Technical Support | Project Sputnik

Dell Support is also on Twitter! https://twitter.com/DellCaresPRO


Thanks for the update @DELL-Justin C
Really hope this also fixes the skipping touches on the touch pad. It happens about the same frequency as the missing key presses.

Interestingly touchpad clicks work every time though.


I don't really approve this, I'm sorry.

While I'm sure there are some other fix to add (always improve :) ) the keyboard issue is really awful and I would address it ASAP, releasing a bios 1.3.2 later on with the other fixes. But I don't work at Dell, so my word value is equal to 0.


As for the touchpad skip touches, it doesn't happen to me, my touchpad work at 100%. I wish the problem were inverted, I would gladly trade the keyboard skip with the touchpad skip :BigSmile:



The additional changes to the new 9370 BIOS have been completed and it's supposed to be posted within the next week.

Justin C Dell Technical Support | Project Sputnik

Dell Support is also on Twitter! https://twitter.com/DellCaresPRO


Thanks @DELL-Justin C, for sharing. Typing passwords has been awfull.
And KVM didn't work without issues either.


Can you confirm this update is supported by fwupd on Linux?
Or would I need to get a Windows install somewhere? Thanks in advance, again.



I can't promise it will solve any keyboard issues for "fwupd on Linux". 

And no, you do not need Windows in order to install a BIOS update. Simply:

1. Place the BIOS exe on a thumb drive and plug the thumb drive into the system

2. Insure power adapter is plugged in and battery is above 10% charged

3. Shut down the system

4. Power the system back on and when you see the Dell screen, start tapping F12 in order to get to the 'one time boot menu'

5. Once in the Menu select the BIOS update option

6. Use file browser to select the BIOS file and proceed to update

Justin C Dell Technical Support | Project Sputnik

Dell Support is also on Twitter! https://twitter.com/DellCaresPRO


Thank god. Hopefully this update tweaks the fan curve as well, because it currently takes about 1 minute of the CPU at 99-100C before the fan kicks in on "optimized" or "ultra performance".

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