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XPS 13-9370, audio crashing


My XPS 13 9370 has an issue where the audio might crash and stop working after a certain amount of time or after waking up the PC from sleep. This issue only applies to the laptop's external speakers, plugging in headphones will output sound to the headphones. But for the speakers the only solution that I was able to find was restarting the computer. 

I'm almost certain I've started experiencing this issue after I updated the audio drivers through the Dell Update system. I haven't had this issue before then.

Is there any known solutions?

Windows Troubleshooter reinstalled the drivers. That didn't fix the issue.
I tried to roll back drivers from device manager, device manager didn't give me the option to roll back (Option was grayed out)

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The thread is old and I am fairly sure there is nothing I can do to help since I do not have an 8th generation system.  But maybe a couple of questions and just stay with audio right now, try not to involve video.

What sound are you playing and does it continue or stop if the laptop is open and the screen turns off?

If you wait 30 seconds after the screen turns off and hit the space bar, does the sound resume?

Does the sound only crash after hibernation and when you wake the system up, what do you see on your screen?

If you get the no audio device situation, does it still show if you check the Device Manager with the view hidden devices enabled?

The USB and Bluetooth devices use a different route to produce sound and you can probably disable the sound device and those will still work.

If Dell hasn't taken care of the problem in all these months, there may be a basic design flaw they are trying to work out.  I wonder if anyone with one of these systems does not have your same problems.

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I previously replied to this thread with much frustration. My XPS13 9370 speakers crashed from the start when I received the laptop in summer of 2018.... I eventually gave up fixing on my own & sent back to Dell... I received my XPS13 back this week & no audio crashing yet whatsoever. There is a vague report where Dell listed that both my Speakers & Hard Drive were replaced. I'm glad I sent it back while under warranty. The faulty audio speakers were a major headache but Dell can fix it.

Hi, would you please confirm if you no longer experienced the issue after your laptop was returned from Dell? On my case they replaced speakers and motherboard and that did not fix the issue. I sent it to the depot again and they simply formatted the computer and expected it to solve the problem. You all can guess it didn't fix anything. Thx.

Hi, just recently Dell has replaced my motherboard. Which did not solve anything. They recommended a clean windows installation. Not factory reset, which would install original obsolete OS version. Also I should update ssd firmware. I did both and it solved 2 other issues. Sound popping and crackling and occasional system freezing.

Anyway the audio device still crashes. It seems to be happening after using my Bluetooth headset.

I didn't have this issue in my first XPS 13. But in the next two, both had the same issue. The only ways I know to fix it temporarily:

1. Restartadiu.PNG

2. Disabling and then enabling the The sound, video and game controllers for Device manager (the last two, not sure which one is effective.)


Update: The problem is Realtek Audio!!!

@AliHA wrote:

Update: The problem is Realtek Audio!!!


uninstall any existing Realtek high definition audio driver completely from Programs and Features control panel, reboot and install this A14 driver that Dell has released for the XPS 9370.

will try this today. 


Really annoying to be searching for a solution for months with no proper solution offered by Dell, considering the alleged top of the line laptop they are selling. 

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Hi NServ,

Thanks for posting. Apologies that your system is not performing as expected.  Have you been able to run a systems diagnostics to see if there is a speaker or hardware issue?  If not, please run Dell SupportAssist, make a note of any error messages encountered and post back.  If there are none, then it could indicate either a software or driver issue.  

What do you mean by the audio is defunct?  Is there any sound at all? What audio software are you using? Have you been able to try any other audio software programs to see if they resolve your issue?  Can you play MP3's MP4's or music media?  How about streaming radio stations like Pandora?



It's the driver.

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