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XPS 13 9370 bad pixel line

So, I have been having too good of a good time with the laptop that two weeks back, the laptop fell on its right corner, by the hinge area (even with the free sleeve on) and the aluminum backing on both panels (top and under) have a dent as well as the black mainframe (but not as noticeable.)

The more serious problem is that during a blue screen kind of error, and logout basic colored screen, there is a vertical bad pixel line, approx. 1.5" from the right side, which I recently saw. It doesn't appear usually, but in certain instances, the bad pixel will be present during a blue screen or upon logout. What do I do with this or how to I resolve it?

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The screen will need to be replaced;  this is not going to be a warranty item. You can contact the computer shop of your choice, or get an estimate for a screen replacement from Dell:


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