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XPS 13-9370, bought from Adorama, 6 month warranty?

I recently bought a brand new XPS 13-9370 from Adorama in May 2019. It was shipped to them from Dell on November 9, 2018. I have the receipt and Adorama is an authorized dealer for Dell. But when I register the product online, it shows my product is already registered! And the warranty expires in Nov 2019. I contacted Dell support twice, and the same person named David replied twice with identical promotion email selling me extended warranty at extra cost! This is obviously Dell or Adorama's problem! But Dell customer service really disappointed me! This is my third Dell XPS and I would reconsider buying another Dell product. I've added this machine to my account. So Dell can directly see my service tag.

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HI Robert,


Thank you for the help.

As you are aware, Chris M and I are working hard to resolve this.  At this time there's a problem with smudging on the receipt which the tag team thinks there is some fraud involved here.  We will update you when we have more information.

Ok, I blurred my phone number on the receipt because Chris M only asked for one with email address, name and address. I don't like spam phone calls.


If Dell is in doubt, please simply CONTACT Adorama to verify the purchase information. If you find it's a refurbished xps 13, I'll hold Adorama accountable.


Please check the conversation history here. My initial post was back on June 8th. No solution of the warranty issue since then despite some private messages. Before that, Dell customer service ignored my emails and sent me several identical promotional emails selling me extended warranty for purchase. 


A prompt resolution would help Dell's customer relations. My claim about a normal one-year warranty is reasonable. My credit card automatically adds one additional year of warranty.. But Dell's ignorance of its customer embarrasses me and its potential customer. 

Hi peterliux.  Thanks for your feedback, we've forwarded it along to the tag team.  We are working hard to resolve this issue for you, and hopefully we will have an answer soon.  Again, thanks for your patience.

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What's the reason that "the Dell Service Tag team has unfortunately rejected your request to extend the warranty."

Is there anything missing? Is Dell trying to trick its customer??????? (Edit: Not true. I just didn't find the right place. Go to Dell Twitter!)

I will post my experience to social media and may seek legal assistance (No longer needed). 



Hi perterliux,


We do apologize for your purchasing experience thus far, however your computer was purchased from a reseller and not directly from Dell. 


We have attempted to assist you as a courtesy by extending your warranty to match that of your purchase date and not the invoice date. However, it appears that the information provided to the warranty team was insufficient so they denied the extension.  This is not a trick and doesn't mean you don't have a warranty.


If the reseller Adorama offered you a specific warranty on this product, then your best course of action would be to obtain it through them.  Dell agrees to honor the warranty on the product from the date of invoice, which is per the warranty terms.


Additionally, since you've mentioned you are taking legal actions against Dell, this team would now be unable to assist you further and you would need to speak directly to Dell Legal from this point on.


I didn't say I will take legal action, as it is time consuming. That's always the last option if I can avoid that. 

But Dell already wasted 6 weeks of time without any real solutions. That's is INDEED your problem. Chris-M didn't provide enough details about requirements. And he is impatient. 

The best thing I can do is to advise my department at Stanford not to do business with Dell, b/c Dell service people are irresponsible and  deny rightful warranty coverage with absurd excuses.



Once again, the problem of the warranty is between you and the original owner, Adorama.  Had you purchased directly from Dell, this would not be an issue.  We merely tried to extend your warranty as a courtesy.  No time was wasted as your system still is covered by the warranty that was purchased by Adorama.

To anyone who reaches this post:

I contacted Dell Twitter team and they are able to resolve this issue and extend the warranty based on my purchase date. I cannot believe they did it within two days. 

If you have any issues beyond technical problems like me, I'd recommend Dell Cares Twitter. They are way more efficient, and you don't have to suffer long delays and frustrating experiences with the two dudes above like me.

Good luck!



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Thanks for posting your comments.  Glad you were able to get it resolved.

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