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XPS 13 9370 eDrive for boot SSD

Hello everyone,

 does the new XPS 13 9370 support hardware encryption (with compatible NVMe drives) through bitlocker, for boot disk ?


According to this: https://us.community.samsung.com/t5/Memory-Storage/HOW-TO-MANAGE-ENCRYPTION-OF-960-PRO/m-p/289909/hi... Samsung found that bios needs a software update to be able to manage  eDrive hw encryption on NVMe for boot SSDs; is the new XPS 13 affected ?


IF yes, is Dell going to update XPS 13 9370 bios to address the issue ?


Thank you in advance

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Re: XPS 13 9370 eDrive for boot SSD

Can’t answer whether it will be made available, but FYI eDrive is a huge pain that was never fully supported by anyone. Even if you go through the hugely cumbersome process to prep your drive (install Windows unencrypted, run a utility, and then reboot directly into Windows Setup to reinstall Windows from scratch), there was never an official mechanism to disable the feature or perform a secure erase. Microsoft and the SSD vendors both published documentation saying to ask the other party for info about that. Additionally, CPUs for roughly a decade now have had hardware acceleration for AES encryption and decryption operations that allows regular software BitLocker to be used without any performance penalty even on modern NVMe SSDs. I would suggest sticking with regular BitLocker.
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