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XPS 13 9370, keyboard does not work on login screen

My Dell XPS 13 9370 has this issue where i cannot enter any letters into my password pin on the login screen. The numbers work fine as well as all the other function keys. Only the letters and on the login page. I can login using facial or fingerprint and the keyboard works fine after logging in. But everytime i boot it up and try to type my password in it doesn't work. I have tried uninstalling the keyboard drivers but it doesn't seem to solve my problem. Has anyone faced the same issue? And how did you fix it? thanks

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Are you sure it is not asking for your PIN, not your password? Unless you checked the box when setting up your PIN, it may only recognise numbers. I have not checked that myself.

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I don't have an immediate suggestion for you other than making sure your system firmware is up to date and also checking for Windows updates, but fyi this post is very unclear.  The title of your topic says "only can type letters", and then in your post you say "cannot enter any letters" and that "the numbers work fine as well as all the other function keys."  So can you type ONLY letters, or can you type everything EXCEPT letters?  The clearer you can be about your issue, the better others will be able to help you.

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