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XPS-13 9370, looking for USB Type-C Hub

I just purchased a XPS-13 9370. I travel a lot and connect my the laptop to different networks, usually through the ethernet or USB-A. I really don't want to carry dongles or have the dongles hanging off the laptop so I went out and brought a 5 in 2 hub. Well, it doesn't fit as the USB-A spacing is different on the laptop from these hubs. So now I'm searching for a non dongle hub which has an ethernet and USB-a connection. Any ideas?

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Re: XPS-13 9370, looking for USB Type-C Hub

I'm not sure how you're connecting to networks through USB-A, but if all you need from your hub is USB-A and Ethernet, take a look at this option.  Anker has a great reputation for quality products and customer service if you've never heard of them.  If you want something with more types of ports, look at the Dell DA300, although with that option you only get a single USB-A port and a single USB-C port.  The latter can be used as a USB-A port if you connect a USB-C to USB-A dongle, but that's obviously less convenient.  I suspect the USB-C port is implemented there instead of a second USB-A port simply for futureproofing, so that people can still use native USB-C devices with their system even when their system's only USB-C port is occupied by the DA300 itself.

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