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XPS 13-9370, mouse cursor lagging and stuttering

Having an issue with my new XPS 9370. Using the touchpad (haven't tried using a mouse with it at all), the mouse cursor sometimes stutters/freezes for a second then keeps going. Happens quite a lot actually. Sometimes it actually stutters multiple times in one swipe on the touchpad but other times it works fine..any ideas on what to do? I don't see any specific touchpad options in windows settings or anything either.. Thanks

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I still got the same issue on my XPS 9570, with the newest drivers installed. I REALLY hope DELL could fix this issue as soon as possible.


Besides, This problem still occurs after I disabling the Panel Self-Refresh option. 


@Overflocat wrote:

Besides, This problem still occurs after I disabling the Panel Self-Refresh option. 

Verify that this option is still marked as disabled after restarting your device. Sometimes Intel preferences are rolling back to previous state without a notice.


I verified that this option is still disabled after I reboot my system. I even disabled the Display Power Saving option, however this problem still occurs.


i have this problem with dell xps 15 2in1 but on a much larger scale, it seems the screen goes haywire, as the self-refresh destroys its functionality...however, as soon as i disable self-refresh the issue is gone...no combinations in bios helped, and when installing the fresh copy of windows, the cortana starts talking through setup, but the screen is off. i actually have to reboot the computer to get the screen with cortana setup...weird...


i have Xps13 9370 with same problem with touchad (left button),disable intel but still the same problem.


Any update ?


I have a 9570 with this issue. 

Following the suggestion by @perpetoom (thanks!) have gone the entire day without it stuttering. That's a first for me. Good thing as I was close to sending this unit back.



The driver supplied by Dell is several months out of date. If you go to Intel's website you can download the latest driver, which, as of this writing should look like this:



I have been running this driver for several hours and I have Panel Set Refresh to "On" and no change.. it still stutters.



I'm experiencing the same issue on my 9570. I have the latest BIOS (1.5), disabled panel refresh, and updated all my drivers (including to the latest Intel Graphics driver and Nvidia driver). I'm still experiencing problems. I paid $1500 for this laptop, but it's RIDDLED with driver issues. 


+1 on all counts.  New laptop, all drivers up to date, panel disabled, and still the lag.

Not to mention, oh, the sound constantly failing and the USB ports not recognizing peripherals half the time.  How is this a top-of-the-line laptop again?

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