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XPS 13-9370, mouse cursor lagging and stuttering

Having an issue with my new XPS 9370. Using the touchpad (haven't tried using a mouse with it at all), the mouse cursor sometimes stutters/freezes for a second then keeps going. Happens quite a lot actually. Sometimes it actually stutters multiple times in one swipe on the touchpad but other times it works fine..any ideas on what to do? I don't see any specific touchpad options in windows settings or anything either.. Thanks

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Sorry for double post...

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This "potential solution" worked for me. Indeed, it's not the mouse that stutters but the screen itself, and keeping that option disabled seems to have done the trick.

Is there a more long-term solution out there?

Does this happen with all the XPSs?


My problem is solved now.

I contacted Dell support and they provided a new firmware for display.

But now I have another problem:

I have a Logitech MX2 bluetooth mouse which keep disconnecting after a period. I cannot connected back normally, only by re-pairing... It seems that bluetooth driver is also having issues.


They send me to my email a version.


Hello there, what firmware did they send you? Can you provide the file name?

bump, I also have a lot of issues with performance microstutter and hangs in google docs and scrolling on youtube and other sites. Tried some of the fixes here to no luck, i also get "Your system does not meet the minimum requirements" when trying to install the latest graphics drivers from dell.


Hi guys. I do not own an xps but a brend new inspiron 7950 4k which is the best inspiron you can get.

I have the same issue when i'm on battery...I don't how did you notice it but for me it was while scrolling down web pages or office documents. It is like it skips the input I give.

"Not a big deal" if it wasn't that even when I'm watching any kind of video, at any level of quality, in streaming or from file , the video lags for a split second exactly every 10 seconds...it is super frustrating...

If i i plug in the power adaptor everithing is perfect...



Hi bro too i have cursor lag

......before installing adm driver my system working normal...The problem started after installing adm driver https://www.amd.com/en/support/apu/amd-series-processors/amd-a6-series-apu-for-desktops/a6-6310-rade... i downloaded this windows 7 64 bit 664 mb. After i getting cursor lag + while seeing movie also lagging for 2-3 secs why what is the problem

My system specification 

Im using Windows 7 home premium sp1

Processor : ADM A6-6310 APU with ADM Radeon R4 graphics 1.80 GHz

Memory : 4gb ram 

System type : 64 bit


Can you help  me to fix it please if u need anyother information tell i will give you please help

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