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XPS 13 9370 only power / keyboard leds come on when booting

Hello. I recently booted my dell xps 9370 into the bios to change a setting, and after clicking the exit button in the lower right hand corner the system turned off and started exhibiting this issue. When I press the power button, both the power led and the keyboard backlight turn on, and stay on for approximately 15 seconds, but then turn off again. Nothing shows up on the screen,  and the fan does not turn on.

I have tried powering the system on while holding D, and when this is done the display on the system flashes white, red, green, and blue, which tells me that it works. But, still when in this mode, the system powers off after about 15 seconds. I've also tried a few other things, including plugging in the system while holding esc to get to a diagnostics menu, (which seems to do nothing, not even turn on the power led), also plugging the system in while holding fn (also seems to does nothing), and finally powering on the system repeatedly pressing F12 (which does the same thing as if I were to press the power button on its own)

In addition, given that this has started happening immediately after leaving the bios, I'm wondering if somehow I corrupted the bios settings. So, I also took the back of the laptop off and unplugged both the battery and the RTC battery next to it overnight to hopefully "clear the CMOS", but after plugging both back in nothing changed. At this point, I'm not sure what else to try, and if anybody has any ideas to fix or diagnose my issue further I'd love to hear them. Thanks!

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Re: XPS 13 9370 only power / keyboard leds come on when boot

Hi there,

I am experiencing the exact same issue along with the exact same behavior when troubleshooting.

Only difference is that I didn't do anything in the BIOS before it went zombie.

Mine is mostly connected to a TB16 which is the worst docking station I've ever experienced.

Have you had any success in this?

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