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XPS 13 9380, 4k on Intel UHD 620, sluggish

I will be sincere. I am very disappointed with this laptop as well as with the support or call-it warranty.

It cannot scroll through Adobe Acrobat, through Excel or even through websites. No matter what you do, latest drivers, latest bios, latest windows built, it will always lag. 4k is just too much for the UHD620. And it uses system memory bandwidth. So it will lag.

Sometimes it will not show up too much, and you will only see it misses a few frames when scrolling, most likely on chrome. But in Adobe or excel it just renders the computer unusable.

So if ever you're thinking of getting it, get the HD version, not the 4k.

Then you might think, ok I'll run it in HD, half the resolution, it will be fine. It won't. The intel driver can't upscale an HD image to UHD without blurring it out. And even if by some miracle update it could, it will still use memory bandwidth and processing power for the upscale as what goes to the screen is always 4k. So using it in HD is not a good option.

I spent hours on the phone and with their offshore tech support explaining it all. They insisted that they should change my motherboard and screen. They did and the technician didn't even manage to install the back cover properly. Anyways, it didn't fix any of the performance issues, obviously.

I am of the opinion that the system was simply not properly tested before being shipped out to customers, the designers blindly implemented 4k as it's in intel's compatibility list, overreaching beyond it's usable resolutions.

Now I have asked to have my monitor downgraded as I prefer smooth HD than sluggish UHD, and guess what, they don't want to downgrade the screen. Even if they admit that it's low end integrated card is struggling to keep up with such a high-res display. At first they told me that the wireless card is integrated in the screen and that for this reason the switch won't work.

Then I did more research. Ended up speaking with the people at parts-people.com, which said that they have successfully switched between an UHD and an HD screen with no problem on my particular model.

The only option I have now is buy a new HD screen and replace it myself (it's like 260USD).

I am desperately trying to contact the people that designed this computer so poorly, If you can forward them this message that would be highly appreciated so that maybe next time, they'll test the stuff before shipping it out.

For your convenience, here's my email to them.


I have done more research and I have understood that you haven't been honest with me, The replacement LCD screen, be it FHD or UHD, has 2 antenna wires sticking on the side, like this. The wireless card is an Killer 1435-S and it is installed on the motherboard in all cases and not inside the screen as you claimed (Which actually seemed strange already). The motherboard is the same in both cases. You can see the replacement screen wires sticking out are always the same as the ones I have. I have spoken to parts-people.com and they have already sold screens of different resolutions and claim that they are working properly after the switch. Here's a screenshot of the conversation. So I do not believe you anymore when you're saying that the screen is not compatible. Lying to your clients in order to make up reasons for not fixing the problems with your products is absolutely not acceptable. Please get back to me urgently

12/8 = Thanks for the details. I reviewed the case details and see that you have already contact our Escalations engineer and they has suggested to pull the system to depot however, I see that you denied it. As the case is already escalated, I'm unable to assist you further due to limited support options.
I would request you to continue working with our escalations team and they'll be able to assist you further with this.


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