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XPS 13 9380 freezing

Hi, I've had an XPS 13 9380 for about a year now, and within the last month (shortly after the last BIOS update) I've been experiencing an issue where the laptop will freeze and crash. I've updated all my drivers to the latest version, and this hasn't helped. I notice that when this happens, I get the Windows notification sound that I would normally get when a device is connected or unplugged from the computer. Sometimes I'll also hear the sounds multiple times in quick succession. Sometimes it will freeze briefly before unfreezing and finally crashing. I've run the Dell support assist hardware scan and it says there were no problems detected.

Anyone have any ideas as to what the issue might be? I really don't want to have to send my laptop somewhere to get fixed right now, and this problem is happening frequently. Hardly the first issue I've had with this device but by far the worst.

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Re: XPS 13 9380 freezing

Exactly the same symptom with my XPS 13 9350.
Problems began just after an update using Dell Sopport assist  ....

I really suspect this last update.
What can I do?

If Dell support has an idea, I buy it !



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Re: XPS 13 9380 freezing

Mine freezes at least once a day and a hard reset is the only way to recover.  Every time I lose work.  I have searched the forums, performed updates including the BIOS one.  It's beyond annoying.  I would have returned it if weren't for missing the window due to COVID-19.

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