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XPS 13 9380 overheat while charging

Hello, I have an XPS 13, about one month old. when I connect it to the AC power using the charger, the laptop overheats, and I start hearing noise from the fan. I use Core Temp program to monitor temperatures, when I am running on battery without recharging, temperatures are around 38-42 Celsius, whenever I connect the charger, temperatures are above 65, sometimes reaching 83 Celsius. Customer support updated all my drivers, nothing helped yet.

I finally succeeded in installing the Killer Control Center. I think this program improved my laptop dramatically. I am not sure yet if the problem 100% resolved, especially when we are talking about 1 month old XPS 9380 laptop, I am still disappointed with that, but I hope the problem disappears.

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Hi, I can confirm the issue. The CPU temperatures go often above threshold when charging. As soon as you unplug the cable, they go down.

Any idea how to solve it?

Just updated BIOS and all drivers, but still facing the problem. Powermanagment mode doesn't help a lot. Already had my laptop completely frozen, I think due to overheating. If the charger is unplugged and I am only running in battery  mode everything is fine.

Did somebody already had the chance to try different chargers?



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Same problem here.

On a two weeks old XPS I'm facing the same issue even when connected to a D6000 docking station. The temperatures go up with the fans going crazy simply while having a videoconf during a video call ended with the system crashing.

With the laptop disconnected from any power supply it simply work normally.

Has anyone solve the problem. I fear of having to return not only the docking station (speechless) but also the laptop.



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