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XPS 13 9380 wireless display freezing

I bought an XPS 13 9380. Unfortunately, I encountered many problems: drivers did not work, later I couldn't switch on the laptop at all, in the end, we had to replace the motherboard. One small, but an important issue remained. I want to use the wireless display solution on smart tv at my workspace. (Samsung smart tv) When I had an HP laptop it worked smoothly. However, Dell xps widi freezes. It connects to the smart tv but after a while, it freezes. The mirrored screen gets still, doesn't change the picture, strangely the mouse pointer moves (only the mouse pointer does) on the tv screen. The picture froze. I tested it on other Samsung smart tv, the result is the same. I highlight that my old HP's widi works on the same TVs. I tested LG TV. In the case of LG widi doesn't freeze but it "only" disconnects after a few minutes. What can I do? Is it a hardware issue? The problem occurred before and after the motherboard replacement. Or drivers?  Could somebody help? Many thanks 

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Hi, Anybody could help me? Issue not sorted out.
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