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XPS 13 Plus 9320, Touchpad malfunctioning


I very recently received my new XPS 13 Plus 9320. I happily used it for about a week until one the day the haptic feedback from the touchpad suddenly began malfunctioning. It still functions mostly as a mouse (moving, scrolling, clicking), but the feedback only makes a sound and no physical feedback. All feedback intensity settings feel the same except 100% where the touchpad becomes unusable. At 100% intensity the touchpad automatically clicks about every second even when I am not touching it.

I've been in touch with Dell support and have an open ticket but nothing has helped. Restarting comp, resetting settings, reinstalling/updating drivers, restoring comp, and reinstalling windows 11 have not fixed it. Seems likely to be a hardware issue at this point.

Has anyone else experienced this? This issue makes for a poor experience using the touchpad and I am unhappy that a week-old machine would physically break without any apparent trauma.


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UPDATE - I can't speak for everyone here, but the new firmware does seem to have solved the biggest issues with the touchpad for me. It still isn't perfect and occasionally gets stuck as if it's clicked, but I haven't experienced the repetitive clicking since then.


Does not apply to Dell XPS 13 9320 Plus shipped with Ubuntu Linux OS. This is Windows only firmware release. Support for linux? 

Plus, as OP also admitted, this firmware update does not solve the problem of touchpad being stuck for seconds in the pressed position. 


This firmware doesn’t fix the problem. It sounds like one of the piezoelectric buzzers came loose from the base of the trackpad on mine. 


same issue here. 

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Dell technician came to replace the touchpad (which consists in the whole palmrest). 

First we reset the BIOS settings (version 1.8.1) to factory default. Touchpad pressure sensors kept exhibiting random behavior. After replacing the hardware, the touchpad pressure feedback "clicks" only worked when pressing strongly at the center of the touchpad, not at the borders. Then, the technician re-opened the laptop, took off the battery and re-installed it. This time the touchpad pressure sensors were working as expected. Neither me nor the technician could tell why.

Afterwards, I rebooted and reverted the BIOS settings to Latest User Saved. This very moment touchpad pressure sensors stopped working altogether. I once again rebooted and restored the BIOS factory settings but the touchpad pressure sensors kept not working. It's been over one week they don't work at all.

Now waiting for the 2nd hardware replacement. Truly embarrassing experience for the most expensive professional laptop model on sale by Dell. With Dell, even if you don't mind money you have to mind technical problems.

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Small update from my part: touchpad got replaced again, together with keyboard. Now i have a working touchpad AND a working fingerprint scanner! So seems i'm completely fine for now.

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