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XPS 13 Plus 9320, turns on after shutdown

Hello, I recently bought the XPS 13 Plus 9320 from Dell. I got it August 16 so it hasn’t even been a month of ownership. This problem started yesterday when I did a driver update, When I shutdown the laptop, it turns back on in even when the lid is down and this causes the battery to drain when I come back to use it? I contacted Dell and they went through a couple of things and nothing worked. After the factory reset the product. And still this problem occurs. Do I have a defective product, and what do I do?


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We shouldn't have to downgrade the BIOS to fix the problem. Dell should release another BIOS update that patches the problem. Dell staff has yet to respond to this forum post even though I opened a support request and gave them notice about this forum post. 

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I bought the laptop 29 August it was great until the last update 

it turns on immediately after 30 i shut it down and became very very warm 

the battery keep draining because the laoptop dont get off 

it s a real problem 

can you help ???

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I followed Dell's technical supports and tried to downgrade the BIOS, and problem solved. But when I used the XPS 13 Plus next time, it automatically upgrade BIOS and the same thing happened: the system automatic restarts when shutting down both the cases the lid opening or closing. A factory reset costs time for backing up my work and I may have to keep an eye not to have the XPS automatic upgrade BIOS. May be another BIOS update solved the problem?

My recent solution is to press the power button to go to Sleep mode without Shutting down. The next time, I restart the system for a fresh working condition.


This is precisely the reason Dell needs to release another BIOS update which rectifies this problem.

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Same problem - pulled my laptop out of my bag, it was piping hot. Computer does NOT shut off!

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I followed VCSLTD84 instructions - downgrading BIOS and the problem solved. This is much helpful while we wait for Dell's release of a new BIOS update. It is not just a problem of system restarting, but the battery drain and also the XPS becomes very hot if we do not notice that it is on. Following the link  VCSLTD84 provided and click on ‘Download current version instead’ to download the right file ‘XPS_9320_1_6_0.exe” (the page recommends you to ‘Go to the latest version’ but ignore this).

Please note that after downgrade BIOS, you need to disable the Automatic BIOS Update, otherwise it automatically updates BIOS and your XPS 13 Plus continues to restat whatever you do with configration for the lid. Right after downgrading your BIOS, when your XPS works normally (you may try to shutdown once), restart your system (or turn it on if you shutdown), and press F2 during booting to go to BIOS Setup. Click Update…, and put the UEFI Capsule firmware updates to Disabled, click Save Changes and Exit. Your system restart and things solved. Before Dell releases a later BIOS update that solved the problem, be careful using SupportAssist to scan for drivers update or so, as you may update the BIOS to the trouble version.


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Interesting problem.

Does the machine still seem to be reading the status of the display open/close switch properly?

If so, I wonder if this new firmware defaulted some BIOS option to ON, that most people normally keep OFF (like maybe Intel Ready Mode, etc.) 

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I don't think that's the issue. There is a BIOS feature where opening the lid can trigger the PC to bootup but that should mean the PC should begin to boot when you open the lid (the PC should not already be on).


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Thank you for this! We shall wait until better firmware fixes this issue.

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