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XPS 13 Restarts Randomly / Won't Sleep or Stay Off

I started having a problem with my laptop about a couple weeks ago after having opened it up. My screen wasn't working, so I opened my computer for the first time, disconnected the battery for a few minutes, and then reassembled everything. This fixed the initial problem, as my screen works fine once again, but ever since my computer will restart whenever it is supposed to sleep. More than that, if I "shut down" it turns itself back on right away. 

I've tried everything I can think of: diagnostics on the hardware and OS (Windows 10), updating the drivers and BIOS, scanning for malware, etc. Has anyone experienced anything similar or know what I should try next? 


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Re: XPS 13 Restarts Randomly / Won't Sleep or Stay Off

Hi pooryorick7,

Thanks for posting.  Apologies that your system is not performing as expected.

In researching this I've found other users reporting success by changing to BIOS 2.1.0, have you tried that?

Support for XPS 13 9360

You can also try going into the system properties in the control panel and under "startup and recovery", un-check the automatically restart on system failure box. Reboot the system - the next time, you should see a blue screen that will help you pinpoint the cause of the restart.

You may also want to look through the event viewer to see what might be causing the issue (start-run-eventvwr.msc).

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