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XPS 13 brightness has completely stopped working

I am completely unable to adjust the brightness of my XPS 13 laptop through either the keyboard buttons or the control panel slider. Repeated attempts to make the brightness keys respond will freeze the computer for a few seconds. Bizarrely the pop up slider that is displayed still works, it just in no way reflects what is actually happening. 

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Hey guys,

I think I found a way to solve this problem permanently. (update the graphics driver to Version: )

As the previous threads discussed, the key problem is the graphics driver. It seems the latest version of the graphics driver can solve the problem. You can find it from Intel (don't download from Dell, that's the driver cause the problem):


However, you'll find you can't install it due to some reasons. So here is how I solve this problem. 

1. download the zip file of the driver from the above link

2. unzip it

3. go to the "Device Manager" (right click "this PC"--"properties")

4. go to your "Display adapters"--"Intel HD Graphics 620"--double clickAnnotation 2019-04-19 113748.jpg

5. go to "Driver"--"update driver" and choose"browse my computer for driver software"

6. guide it to your unzip file folderAnnotation 2019-04-19 114349.jpg










7. let the system install the driver, and then restart your system. It should fix the problem. 

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Click the link below to choose your computer and Operating System. You can update the Video card drivers in your system. If needed, uninstall and reinstall the video card drivers in your computer.


Same issue after Win 10 October Update. Tried to reinstall driver, then OK for few hours. Now again brightness not working. Tried also to reinstall PnP monitor. Intel 620 driver: 28/02/2018 Thanks for any help


Reinstall the chipset drivers, reboot and then install the video card drivers back into the system. If that does not work roll back the previous windows update.

Choose your system from the link below to download the drivers.


For my notes, click my username and send me the pc service tag number via private message.

Same problem here.

I don't know if it can help, but i noticed that the brightness stop working after using apps like netflix, skygo etc...

If I reboot the system the buttons work again.

Could you help me please?

I downgraded the driver to the old Intel-HD-620-and-Iris-Graphics-640_JK74J_WIN_22.20.16.4708_A06 and now it works.

Same here, it stopped, Im unable of changing brightness neither from the keyboard nor the control panel. Its been a couple of weeks since this issue began.

Perform the same steps as mentioned in my reply to the user on this thread.

For my notes, click my username and send me the pc service tag number via private message.

I found a workaround that seems to get this working again.  I went into the BIOS and under the brightness setting increased the brightness setting for the screen to the maximum for when it was plugged into power.  Saved that and restarted and now I can adjust screen brightness again using the F12 and F11 keys.

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I uninstalled the last Windows update and my brightness control is back. Hopefully forever. Simple fix here.

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