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XPS 15 7590, Dual boot on

Hi everybody! i need your help

I have done dual bootnig my xps.

I have installed ubuntu 18.04.
I needed to restart the machine in order to complete the installation,
when i restarted and i chose the ubuntu option through boot menu,

i got black screen with message:

press f1 key to retry boot.

press f2 key for setup utility.

press f5 key to run onboard diagnostics.

how can i enter to the installed ubuntu system?



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Re: Dual boot on xps 15 7590

I don't know for sure about your machine, but many Dell laptops use an M.2 PCIe drive without using the NVMe driver for it.  You can check your Bios and see how the SATA controller is configured.

If it shows as RAID, Ubuntu may not be able to see the drive.  It would need to be set to AHCI which, if you just change the controller, would cause you to loose the Boot to Windows.  A process is available to change the controller, if you want to try, but no guarantees.

Ubuntu does not show as an approved OS for that machine.  I have seen quite a few folks get themselves into trouble trying to dual boot without the needed experience to set that up.

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