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XPS 15 7590 FHD display banding normal?

Hi I just purchased this XPS 15 7590 with the FHD display (not the OLED 4k display). I've been really disappointed in how bad gradients look as they become heavily banded and I'm using this laptop for photoshop work.

I have updated all drivers and everything, and found a solution that has me bring up the intel graphics program and bring vivid colors down to natural and back, which temporarily helps reduce banding but only until the next time the screen is off. Then I have to do it again. I still see banding though in soft gradients. My old $500 HP laptop never had this issue so I'm pretty discouraged I just spent almost $2k on this laptop for it to look this bad. 

I also notice windows popup application messages are generally extremely blurry. Any solutions or is this just what I'll have to deal with? 

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Here's a screenshot. 

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Could you clarify if you have updated all the available Dell and Windows updates?

I'd like you to install the Intel UHD Graphics Driver and the Nvidia Graphics Driver and check to see if you notice any change in the color banding. 

Check to see if this article helps with resolving the issue where Applications appear with blurry text in Windows 8.1 or Windows 10.


Hello, I was hoping to get some assistance on this as well. I'm having a similar issue with my screen 


Same problem here. While I mostly work with lines and full colors there is sometimes a gradient that need to be placed. These look awful and I am wondering if there is a workaround for it. It also looks terrible when watching movies. 


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