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XPS 15-7590, LCD flickering on lowest brightness, #2

xps7590, i9, ips 4k. When plugged in, at the minimum brightness, when i scroll the page (i.e. in chrome) the screen flickers. If I increase the luminosity and the problem disappear. at the minimum level the luminosity is "5" (I saw it in delle premier color).

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Its fixed with lates bios update

Not for me. If it is in charging and I use the minimum brightness, the half left of the screen is always flickering like a problem of electromagnetic noise. For a pc of $2800 this is not acceptable. And with a pro support plus is still awful that after 1 day no one answers!

I have just noticed the exact same issue. Laptop (XPS 15 7590 LCD touch) charging, lowest brightness, left half of screen flickers. <profane>?!

Assistance change me the screen, after the mobo... Problem still here. 

I'm waiting a solution but I'm very upset. 

Hi, facing the same issue.

Had you found a solution? 



Same problem here, it still persists after BIOS update.

No solution yet. 

I'm talking from about 3 weeks with Dell engineers. They try to make another change of screen of another manufacturer (actual is compal), if the problem still persist They swap my entire PC with a new one. 

They said that is a problem of OPR or something similar... 

Third repairing operation...they changed me (another time) screen with a new one, this time with a Sharp panel (before it is Compal), the problem is identical as the previous one. LCD flickers during normal operation at the minimum brightness.

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(1) Windows Menu Search ==> SEARCH " Intel Graphics Control Panel" ---(Could be named "Intel(R) Graphics Control Panel" or "Intel(R) UHD Graphics Control Panel").

(2) On the main program's screen, look at the bottom row icons. Second from right should be the "Power" button with batteries as an icon. CLICK ON IT.

(3) SWITCH the first option titled "Panel Self-Refresh" from "enable" to "disable."

(4) CLICK "apply"

(5) Close program and restart the machine. Keep an eye on this program since it could be re-enabled due to updates.

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