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XPS 15 7590 USB-C thermal throttling

Hello there!!

   Happens that I recently bought a XPS 15 7590 (i7, GTX 1650, 1 TB SSD, IPS 4k, 32 GB RAM) and everything went fine until I started to use a UBS-C hub (This one: shorturl.at/kpNVY) I got it from eBay. I use it mainly for the LAN internet connection and I started to notice that when I plug-in that hub my laptop started to lag like a lot, even in chrome surfing the web, clearly thermal throttling and getting very very hot, the fans starts to sound like a plane taking off, something that make the experience not so enjoyable. I've tried updating every driver available on the official sites, even intel UHD one that did not make it easy, I had to search for a solution here for that, but I cannot find anything for this problem. Besides that, every time I plug-in the laptop to my power outlet (using the official charger provided on the box) the laptop starts to sound like a plane engine. I don't know what is causing those problems. Can you help me out? Thank you 

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Re: XPS 15 7590 USB-C thermal throttling

All XPS laptops have thermal issues, new and old. It's powerful hardware in a super slim chassis with minimal cooling.

A good rule of thumb is to Undervolt and Repaste these laptops - it does away with almost all thermal issues and you'll be fine

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