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XPS 15-7590, freezes randomly occasionally


I have experienced some random freezing issues on my brand new Dell XPS 15 7590 (FHD version i7 9750H 16GB ram GTX 1650 and 500GB SSD).

It mostly happens when browsing (Chrome and Firefox), but occasionally when I'm using Java based applications such as the Mathematical tool Maple. I do usually have a browser open in the background so I can't be sure. Also, rarely when using Windows File Explorer with no browsers in the background.

When my screen freezes, I can still give commands to the computer: If I press ALT-CTRL-DEL it will finish that command straight away after the freeze. If I type stuff, the typed stuff will be quickly written when the freeze is passed. Note, that the freeze can be lasting for anything between 5 to 30 seconds.

I have updated all my Drivers and I have run Dell Support Assist. I have also manually updated to the latest Intel display driver and updated my Graphics card with Nvidia Experience. In addition, I have run Dell Update, so I have the latest BIOS. I have also removed all Killer drivers and installed the bare Intel WiFi card driver. All in an attempt to solve my freezing issues but it haven't solved it unfortunately.

I like my XPS laptop and would be happy to know if anyone has found a solution to this problem.




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I did exactly the same, freezes kept coming. In the end I also removed the Dell update utility, and I'm working without a freeze now for a week.

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* Update the BIOS, Chipset, and IRST drivers to the latest version
* Go to Control Panel- Hardware and Sound- Power Options
* Click Change plan settings
* Click Change advanced power settings.
* Go to Processor power management
* Select Maximum processor state
* Change both Battery and Plugged in to 99%
* Click Apply- OK
* Open the Dell Power Manager Service
* Set the Thermal management setting to Cool
* Open Intel Graphics Control Panel Power options and disable the Intel Panel Self-Refresh option
* Save changes and restart the system

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* This shipped from Dell on July 14, 2019. Was this an out of box issue?
* If not an out of box issue, what software had you installed just prior to the issue appearing?
* You should be testing with the external AC power adapter attached to the XPS 15-7590. Running on battery only forces the operating system to limit performance
* You mentioned running SA (SupportAssist) but did not provide details. Did you run the diagnostics? What was the result? Does the Dell pre-Windows ePSA Quick Diagnostics pass?

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Thanks for your reply. I have bought the computer from a store a little more then a month ago and not directly from Dell. The issue has indeed been there since I got it out of the box. In the mean time I have been trying to fix the issue with driver updates. Dell Support assist passes with no issues.

I did the built in hardware test with a power adapter attached if that is what you is referring to.




All test have passed. However, I installed programs the moment I took it out of the box, so it's hard to say if those are the cause. 


Since bought from a store, you have to transfer the ownership of the service tag number from the store to yourself using the form.

Since the hardware passes diagnostics, this points to an operating system and/or software conflict issue. You can try removing the added software one at a time, restarting when done. Then retest. Try to narrow the culprit down.

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I did the following Hardware scan recently:

I'm not sure why I have no PCI Express device? 



It's definitely a driver issue as when I have my power cord plugged in I have no freezing issues. I suppose it has something to do with the power saving state of the CPU?? Also when disabling hardware acceleration with no power cord helps on the issue but not solves it....


I have the opposite of the issue. I have sudden freezes when I'm plugged in. 

I also installed basic software, updated the drivers etc. I also use Dell Docking station. I will check without the dock if the problem persists. 

Have you found a solution for yours yet?



I can confirm that I have freezes when plugged in as well. No solution yet... I've heard using Ubuntu instead of Windows would solve the problem. Which is not a solution to be frank... I'm running latest drivers constantly, but I'm thinking that the Dell custom Intel drivers are necessary, but they are very slow to release them. Also, Dell support suggested turning off c-states. However, that will compromise battery life quite a bit. Also not a very good solution...




I too have this issue, when plugged in.  Not sure if it happens unplugged as I basically never run on battery. 


It happens maybe once a day, and I work on this laptop for about eight hours a day. 

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