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XPS 15 7590 no longer charges through USBC

XPS 15 7590

My laptop recently stopped charging via USB C. Is there a way for me to determine if this is a hardware problem or software problem? If it is a hardware problem, is there a way to disable the USB C charging so that I can continue to dock my xps but have it charge via the AC Adapter?

Some background:

My dock is a WD19TB.

I have tried charging via USB C using my dock, a USB C charger, and several Dell USBC docking stations that are at work.

I can charge via the AC Adapter, but not via the AC adapter while the laptop is hooked up to a dock (have tried both mine and the dock at work).

According to dell.com/support, my drivers are up to date. "Your system is up to date" it says in a green banner. However, if I scroll down a bit, there are a bunch of critical and recommended updates available. I don't know what those are since it says my system is up to date. Should I install those? I've also run Dell Update, a program that I have installed on my computer and it says, "This system is up to date".

I'm on windows 11 Home version 22H2.

I'm out of warranty.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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