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XPS 15 7590, no number lock key for special characters

I bought a XPS 15 7590 in Jan 2020 and recently discovered it has no number lock key for doing special characters with the alt button.  After searching the web a little bit and trying out a few things, I have found limited success in using the Fn button and the Alt key together when typing special characters on a hidden number pad on the keyboard.  It seems that the number pad is hidden in the following keys:  M-->0, J-->1, K-->2, L-->3, U-->4, I-->5, O-->6, 7-->7, 8-->8, 9-->9.  (My keyboard does not indicate there are secondary functions on these keys.)

For example, the alt key code for é is Alt 130.  So I got this to work when holding down the Fn button and Alt button while typing JLM (Alt + Fn, JLM).  

This worked well for é but when I tried typing something with a 7 in it, the browser went blank to a new window.  It seems that some other function is tied to the number 7 and possibly other keys.

If anyone knows if there is a hidden number lock key somewhere on this keyboard or has additional help, please let me know.

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